Hidden Cam Live Video Filmed 24/7

Many people often think about spying on different couples’ everyday life while remaining unnoticed. Lots of dreams come true in the 21-st century, and this fantasy is no longer an exception. With the voyeur house types of shows, you can watch various couples daily and it’s legal as they give you access to do this!

Hidden live cameras are placed in every room of the couples’ apartments, even in the bathroom. They record videos in HD quality. To increase your reallifecam fun, there are also high-quality microphones that let you hear all possible sounds, even the quietest ones. Couples can watch TV, take a shower, argue with each other, have sex, sleep — they live a typical 24/7 life but you are participating in it too as you are the spectator.

How Does That Work?

Different couples consent to move to special apartments and being spied on by hid cam voyeur. Cameras are installed in their apartments and that’s it, the 24/7 game is on. You have to create an account to get access to spy hidden voyeur cams, and there is a couple of options to choose from. Just click on the camera placed in the spot you’re interested in. Also, the already recorded videos don’t disappear, they are added to the special archive. You can watch them for an additional small fee. Thousands of voyeur hidden cam videos are waiting for you there and you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll like.

Real Life Cam Videos: What’s Popular?

  • One of the most popular requests of people who’re spying on somebody’s life is sex. The advantage of voyeur house types of videos is that you can watch the real sex, not fake, the one you can find in the usual porn.
  • The bathroom is the second option. The aesthetics and startling intimacy of something as mundane as bathing is immensely attractive.
  • Kitchens are also surprisingly popular. They add a realistic sensation.


The interface of reallifecam tends to be very friendly, you can intuitively understand how to use it. In most cases, you can see the house plan and where certain cameras are placed. You’ll get a full view by clicking on one of them. If you accidentally missed some moments of the recording — maybe the couple had sex exactly at the moment you were sleeping, it’s okay. You can always watch it later by going back to see if there were some moments of sex, masturbating, taking a shower or other, depending on what interests you.